BTRV Edition

Core B-tree Algorithm and ISAM-to-ISAM migration

Similar to Btrieve, c‑treeRTG is based on a b‑tree data structure and provides a record-oriented ISAM API. You’ll be up-and-running with zero-to-little changes to your application logic. If your application is reading record-by-record, using operations like “Get Next” or “Get Direct,” all the functions you need are right there in c‑treeRTG.

Full Native Database Solution

Integration of your application with c‑treeRTG is straightforward and as simple as replacing libraries. The original Btrieve functions were mapped into c‑treeRTG interfaces, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting your programs. Plus, platform agnosticism means that once you’re with c‑tree, you can port where you need.

Full ACID-Compliant RDBMS, Not Just ISAM

c-treeRTG BTRV Edition is a full RDBMS that will empower you to manage your data with RAS capabilities: Reliability, Availability and Serviceability. Hot backups, automatic recovery, and real-time replication are just a few features that will enhance your current systems, providing scalability and the security you need for your mission-critical environment. A full relational database to manage your data.

Learn About c-treeRTG BTRV Architecture

Full Support


Developer to Developer Support

It’s pretty simple. At FairCom we listen to our customers. By hearing you, we give you the best technology to fit your business needs. This requires agility on our part and we accomplish this with a tightly integrated support and R&D team. Our support team is composed of senior system engineers with development skills and deep knowledge of system architecture and software engineering. This guarantees that you will always be talking to someone who knows more than just our products—someone who is sensitive to the day-by-day challenges of developing and supporting a software system.

For Mission-Critical Apps

Reliability, Availability and Serviceability

c‑treeRTG BTRV Edition is based on FairCom’s flagship product c‑treeACE, a market-proven RDBMS used by thousands of mission-critical systems around the world. Built on the system that provides reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) for applications such as major credit card systems, real-time fund management operations and emergency call centers, c‑treeRTG is the right option for your mission-critical environment.

Long History with ISVs

Experienced and OEM Friendly

FairCom has thousands of customers around the world, many of them software vendors that need a partner, not just a vendor. Comprehensive and flexible licensing models enable these customers to deploy c‑treeRTG in multiple ways, including under volume OEM agreements. We encourage you to share with us your particular needs, and we assure you that we’ll work together to find the right model for you.

RTG BTRV Architecture

With a seamless replacement approach, the architecture of c‑treeRTG BTRV is very straightforward. By remapping Btrieve functions, all you have to do is to rebuild your application with the proper parameters. Zero-to-little changes to your business logic or your code.