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FairCom is known for its fast and reliable database technology and a team dedicated to our customers’ success. To help our customers maintain a constant level of high performance, we offer
FairCom Pro Services: a comprehensive education and consulting program.

Available For

Basic to advanced engineer training for developers & system administrators

Sharing the expertise of our experienced engineers:
+ Best practices
+ Preventative maintenance

FairCom Pro Services is staffed by the same engineers who design & build our products

FairCom Pro Services enables your team

  • Reduce downtime via proper training and best practices
  • Reduce TCO with tuning and better usage of resources
  • Improve availability with health-checks and better system management
  • Strengthen your own product
  • Enhance your ability to provide technical support to users
  • Improve end users’ overall product experience and confidence in the solution


The components of the FairCom Pro Services program are designed for remote delivery, but on-site options are available, as long as travel restrictions don’t apply. However, where concerns of budget, time, or multi-team locations arise, each program can be customized.


This introductory course is designed for the developer or system administrator that is learning how to use a FairCom product. This course provides the basic steps of installing, configuring and implementing a FairCom product into a new or existing environment. It is ideal for a new installation of FairCom technology or for new developers on an existing FairCom project.

Advanced Concepts
This course has two tracks — Operations and Development — delivered by our senior system engineers. It provides a series of educational training modules that detail our most advanced configuration options, which includes the use of SQL, real-time replication, hot backup/restore and other capabilities. The result is the application team will be continuously certified across the different areas of FairCom technologies.

  • The development track focuses on the unique skills and understanding that an engineering team building the application must have.
  • The operations track is designed for the team that is in charge of keeping the systems up and running. It equips the team that implements and supports the application in a production environment with the skills needed to ensure successful go-live and ongoing operations.

Mastering Operations
This course is designed for your onsite team members who utilize FairCom in environments that require high-performance database operations. It addresses techniques that improve availability, minimize data loss risks and achieve maximum performance. The audience here includes system administrators, DBAs and infrastructure managers who are responsible for maintaining system operations and anticipating issues before they result in downtime.

DevOps Professional Services

Advanced Health-check and Preventative Maintenance
FairCom Production and Operations specialists will review specific systems and implementations and identify problems that are not commonly detected by routine maintenance. Our experts will check for any indications of resource stresses and make adjustments to ensure these systems operate at maximum speed and safety.

Annual Architecture Review
In an assisted annual review, we will analyze the architecture decisions made by the application developers and system architects in order to assure that the best practices of integration with FairCom products are being followed. The goals are to improve performance, availability, and recovery time, but also to discuss the use and implementation of advanced features.

Customized FairCom Pro Services

Our courses can be customized to meet the precise needs and circumstances surrounding your unique application. Through customized training, your developers can ensure they take optimal advantage of your FairCom database solution.

Advanced Professional Services

Here are some examples of the customized consulting we can provide:

During Critical Periods

  • On-site FairCom systems engineer
  • Checkup in preparation for a critical period
  • Critical period service deliverables

Regular Checkups

  • Architecture Review
  • Evaluation of resource usage
  • Best practices recommendations for backups, failover and disaster recovery
  • Service deliverables for checkups

Managed Services

  • Patches, updates and upgrades
  • Managed services deliverables

Platform and/or Operating System Porting Service

  • Platform and operating system porting deliverables
  • Matching build environment
  • Matching QA lab

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