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Database leader FairCom celebrates 40 years of providing fast, reliable solutions

Future bright for data management software company

Note: c-treeACE became FairCom DB in 2020.

COLUMBIA, Mo., -- One of the most trusted names in the database management system industry, FairCom Corporation, turned 40 years old today. Since its founding, the company has been a pioneer in the software industry, with millions of deployments and more than 40 members of the Fortune 100 using FairCom database solutions.

“FairCom’s history is one of innovation, speed andlongevity. Our technology has evolved so that FairCom products can be used tomodernize legacy systems, enhance data management in traditional settings andprovide database operations in the world of the Internet of Things,” saidAlysha Brown, FairCom’s chief officer of operations. “Our success is due to ahighly experienced, determined team and rock solid technology.”

Shortly after its founding, FairCom began making itsmark in the data management sector as one of the first companies to offer acommercial package using B+tree indexing. The legacy of innovation continuestoday with FairCom being one of the first companies to develop a databasesolution built specifically for use in edge-computing and IoT (Internet ofThings) environments.

Today, FairCom’s product line is anchored by the c-treeACE unified multimodel database, which delivers predictable high-velocity transactions and massively parallel big data analytics. It empowers developers with NoSQL APIs for processing binary data at machine speed and ANSI SQL for easy queries and analytics over the same binary data. Among the companies that take advantage of the flexibility of c-treeACE is Verizon, who recently chose c-treeACE for its Verizon Intelligent Network Control Platform Transaction Server Migration – In-Memory Database solicitation.

The same technology that is used in c-treeACE also powers the c-treeEDGE IoT Database, which enables organizations to not only reliably manage their data in IoT and IIoT environments, but it also opens the door for them to make mission-critical decisions at or near the collection point. c-treeEDGE V2, released in June, includes new features such as automatic data aggregation, massively parallel data replication and OPC UA support.

FairCom’s product line also includes the c-treeRTG data management solution for legacy systems. c-treeRTG allows organizations using technologies, such as COBOL, to easily modernize their systems or migrate to a new one.

“FairCom’s forty-year track record of innovation inthe high-performance database market is only a prelude to what is coming. In thenext few years, FairCom will release new database technologies that will changethe database industry as we know it,” said Mike Bowers, FairCom’s chiefarchitect. “Our next-generation database technology builds upon the extremeperformance capabilities of FairCom’s database engine to deliver new forms ofdata, faster and with less developer effort than any other database.”

/FairCom was founded in 1979 in Columbia, Mo., and now also has regional offices in Milan, São Paolo and Salt Lake City. Among the global companies and organizations who have trusted FairCom for their database needs are OpenText, UPS, Software AG, Rockwell Automation, Henry Schein, Motorola Solutions, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and Thomson Reuters. Detailed information about FairCom and its robust family of products is available at FairCom.com.


  • Used by more than 40% of the Fortune 100
  • Used in the delivery of 32 million packageseach day in the U.S.
  • Used for 100% of flight plans in the U.S.
  • Used to record 100% of real-time stockmarket ticks
  • Used in leading enterprise backup anddisaster recovery software
  • Used in more than 100 countries


About FairCom
FairCom Corporation is a software industry pioneer and a global database technology leader. Its reputation of innovation began in 1979 and continues today with fast, reliable products that are trusted by organizations in a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to enterprise level organizations, including Fortune 100 members. Additional information about FairCom is available at FairCom.com.

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April 17, 2024
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