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FairCom Pro Services provides expertise of experienced database engineers

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Program offers consulting to meet organizational needs

In many aspects of our world, there is no substitute for experience. This is the case with database development and administration. With that in mind, we designed FairCom Pro Services so that you can benefit from the deep wealth of experience of our engineering team via our consulting offerings.

Pro Services provides consulting that allows developers and administrators to maximize the performance of their FairCom database systems. Consulting is available for the FairCom DB multimodel database, FairCom EDGE solution for IoT and Industry 4.0 environments, and c-treeRTG data management for modernizing COBOL and Btrieve systems.

There are multiple avenues an organization can take when taking advantage of FairCom Pro Services consulting: standard, advanced and customized options. Here is an overview of the consulting offerings:

DevOps Professional Services

DevOps Professional Services includes:

  • Advanced Health-check and Preventative Maintenance:  FairCom Production and Operations specialists will review specific systems and implementations and identify problems that are not commonly detected by routine maintenance. Our experts will check for any indications of resource stresses and make adjustments to ensure these systems operate at maximum speed and safety.
  • Annual Architecture Review: In an assisted annual review, we will analyze the architecture decisions made by the application developers and system architects in order to assure that the best practices of integration with FairCom products are being followed. The goals are to improve performance, availability and reliability, but also to discuss the use and implementation of advanced features.

Customized FairCom Pro Services

FairCom Pro Services consulting can be customized to meet your precise organizational needs. Some of the areas and situations in which we can provide custom consulting include:

  • Performance tuning
  • During critical periods
  • Provide regular checkups
  • Conduct platform and/or operating system porting service

We can also combine consulting with courses from our FairCom Pro Services training, which is a robust suite of courses that provide in-depth training for developers and administrators. This enables you to maintain optimal database operations all the time since our courses can be customized to meet the precise needs and circumstances surrounding your unique application. Additional information about FairCom Pro Services training is available here.

The components of the FairCom Pro Services program are designed for remote delivery. On-site options are also available, as long as travel restrictions don’t apply, and on-site training will have additional travel costs. Where concerns of budget, time or multi-team locations arise, each program can be customized.

Contact us at sales@faircom.com or visit faircom.com/pro_services to learn how FairCom Pro Services can help you achieve high-performance with your FairCom technology.

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March 22, 2024
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