Who Uses FairCom

Organizations around the world trust
FairCom data management technology

FairCom’s track record is one of producing fast, reliable and flexible database management technology for more than 40 years. The proof is the organizations that choose FairCom. More than 40% of the Fortune 100 trusts FairCom for mission-critical data management.

Abacus trusts FairCom DB in the Abacus G4 ERP software because “this database increases performance, lowers total cost of ownership and provides unrivaled reliability” and it “works without the need for a (DBA).”

ACI Worldwide uses FairCom within the BASE24-eps retail payments solution to meet its peak performance requirements, sustaining maximum throughput for millions of credit and debit card transactions each day.

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Acoustic trusts FairCom database technology in its Tealeaf analytics solution for web and mobile applications because of its ability to maintain high throughput levels while under heavy load, ease of use and low TCO.

Web and print publishing leader Adobe Systems uses FairCom DB as the underlying database in the Adobe® Online product. FairCom’s speed, reliability and portability allows Adobe to focus on its product.

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AmBev is using c-treeRTG solution in its internal inventory control system throughout South America. With c-treeRTG, AmBev can use modern programing languages without replacing its core COBOL system.

Accounting solution provider Attaché has trusted FairCom database technology for close to 40 years. Attaché relies on FairCom DB because of reliability and ease of use for the end user.

Beaver Street Fisheries modernized its COBOL system with c-treeRTG to improve data integrity, user up-time and the ability to access live COBOL data (not a copy of the data) from external APIs to integrate with their BI tools.

Bank of New York Mellon trusts FairCom DB for its fund management application, taking advantage of its record-oriented processes, which are ideal for BNY’s transaction-centric applications. One example is FairCom’s ability to handle data without fixed schemas.

BoxWorks Technologies writes automated inventory and material handling software. The control and data integrity provided by FairCom DB are instrumental for the global, high-profile customers of BoxWorks.

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FairCom DB is embedded in the Humphrey® Field Analyzer 3, which is used to monitor glaucoma treatment. FairCom DB provides HFA3 with sophisticated data interchange capabilities while not requiring IT system administration.

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CompuGroup Medical’s Imagine Editions division uses FairCom DB in the HelloDoc eHealth software. With the SQL capabilities of FairCom DB, HelloDoc users can experience enhanced efficiency and ultimately cost savings.

Commvault trusts FairCom DB in its enterprise backup and disaster recovery software because of speed and reliability. With its use in the data mover and deduplication components, FairCom DB helps back up other databases.

Dunn Tire modernized its point-of-sale and inventory system with c-treeRTG, allowing it to keep its COBOL system in place while using modern programming languages, gaining access to analytics and mitigating data corruption.

eMDs uses FairCom DB in its Practice Partner electronic health records and practice management solution. FairCom DB is the database of choice because it offers fast and reliable operations and does not require a DBA.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration trusts FairCom DB to collect, store and transfer every flight plan of every flight over U.S. airspace, as well as all international routes to and from the United States.

Global shipping leader FedEx uses FairCom DB in its address verification system. Among the reasons that FedEx trusts FairCom DB in this mission-critical system is because the database is fast, reliable and does not require a DBA.

Credit industry leader FICO relies on FairCom DB’s high-speed processing capabilities in the FALCON fraud system to determine the legitimacy of a given transaction within milliseconds.

Henry Schein uses FairCom DB in the Dentrix and Easy Dental practice management software. Among the major benefits is that the dental practices do not need a database administrator to maintain database operations.

InfoTrax uses FairCom in its order processing and payment distribution solution. InfoTrax chose FairCom because it provides stability, scalability and reliability for the company’s complicated business needs.

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FairCom provides the public safety division of Motorola Solutions with intuitive and cost-effective database administration technology for the Spillman Flex suite of computer-aided dispatch and records management applications.

FairCom DB is embedded in the GXS Application Integrator by OpenText, an intuitive software solution that improves productivity by offering any-to-any mapping, data translation, platform independence and rapid implementation.

Refinitiv has embedded FairCom database technology into its market systems that collects data feeds from financial markets. FairCom is the database of choice because it can be easily customized to meet the company’s needs.

Rockwell embedded FairCom DB into the main file format of the Studio 5000® Automation Engineering & Design Environment™ because of the need for a fast and lightweight embeddable database that can operate without a DBA.

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FairCom DB is embedded in the SchuyLab laboratory information system because it allows routine tasks to be performed with efficiency and absolute reliability. Also, FairCom allowed Schuyler House to safely migrate from Btrieve.

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Digital transformation leader Software AG embeds FairCom database technology in the EntireX communications broker suite of products. Software AG takes advantage of features such as strong data encryption and Hot Alter Table.

With FairCom DB, the investment accounting and asset servicing solutions from SS&C Technologies have benefited from enhanced interoperability with other systems to support integration of critical accounting data and reporting.

Tabs3, the leading time and billing software for the legal industry, uses FairCom DB to ensure extreme reliability and performance. The ability to operate without on-site computer expertise is an added bonus.

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FairCom is the database in TeamSystem’s enterprise resource planning products. FairCom enables TeamSystem to manage and process metadata more efficiently, with minimal impact on overall performance.

TOTVS is the leading ERP software provider in Latin America. The decade-long partnership between TOTVS and FairCom originated from FairCom DB’s flexibility, portability, reliability, and performance.

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FairCom database technology is the backbone package processing in UPS distribution centers. The company immediately experienced a dramatic decrease in processing time due to FairCom’s ACID-transaction compliance.

Verizon has relied on FairCom technology for nearly 20 years. Today, Verizon utilizes FairCom DB on multiple applications because of the high-speed performance and the guarantee of immediately consistent transactions.

Veryant leverages c-treeRTG as part of its COBOL compiler suite for improving business productivity and modernization. c-treeRTG is a solid fit for this use due to its ability to seamlessly add SQL over existing COBOL data.

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