Welcome c-treeRTG V3

Welcome to c-treeRTG V3

Available 11-10-2020

Introducing c-treeRTG V3

c-treeRTG is a data management solution that allows organizations to easily modernize and integrate existing COBOL systems. Our V3 release includes many new features to make this process even easier than in previous versions. Plus, many new powerful enhancements to enrich these vital applications.

“Since adopting c-treeRTG at Beaver Street Fisheries, we are now able to run BI reports and queries in real-time, straight from the COBOL data files. This tool allowed us to dramatically reduce the time needed to extract the information from our COBOL system to support the business decision process.“

Scott Lane, CIO Beaver Street

What’s new in c-treeRTG?

  • High Availability
  • Full-Text Search
  • Automatic Transaction Optimization
  • Access to more than 25 APIs beyond COBOL
    • REST
    • Node.js
    • Python
    • PHP Data Objects (PDO)
    • And many more …
  • New Platform Support
    • Apple Mac OSX Mojave and Catalina
    • Raspbian and other Linux flavors for ARM
    • IBM AIX for Power 9 (P9)
    • System 390 Mainframe
  • Enhanced Security
    • TLS/SSL and OpenSSL support
    • File ownership and file permissions support
    • Integration with AWS Secrets Manager and programmatic retrieval of encryption master key
    • Read-Only Server Mode
    • Variable-length Compressed Key Storage
    • Shrinks index size
    • Improves overall performance
  • Support for non-server (local to the client) operational model
  • New <delcurrent> option improves performance of delete record operations
  • Support for opening more than 32 K file handlers in c-treeRTG

Why c-treeRTG?

Modernization Benefits

  • Extends the life of a COBOL system
    • Preserves years of investments in COBOL systems
  • No COBOL code changes, reducing modernization costs and TCO
  • Integration with modern technologies
  • Potential for performance enhancements
  • Real-time read/write access to COBOL data
  • Ability to write new modules in modern languages
    • Reduces reliance on COBOL developers
  • Access to accurate real-time data with BI tools
  • Improved data integrity
  • Automatic recovery
  • Roll forwards and roll backwards
  • Elimination of data corruption
  • Hot backups

Migration Benefits

  • New application development with modern languages supported by c-treeRTG interfaces, like Python, PHP, Java, .NET or C applications over a more comfortable timeline for a safe migration strategy.
  • Multiple migration strategies are available:
    • Freeze COBOL development and start developing new modules in your new language(s) of choice.
    • Share common files across different platforms and systems like reports and data analytics, reducing the dependency
      on development in COBOL for these systems.
    • Convert file-by-file as needed. With c-treeRTG, you can choose which files to migrate, and when. This mitigates migration risks and makes it possible to schedule a phased migration as it makes sense for the business.

Easily bring COBOL into the future.

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