Focus on the Data

It’s Not Magic or Fancy Goggles That Bring Your Data into Focus.
It’s FairCom.

Remember that 3D art made famous with the trademark Magic Eye? That colorful abstract art appears to be nothing more than a rush of shapes and colors. Except there is more than meets the eye. If you focus in just the right way, suddenly—like magic—the art comes into focus and the meaning becomes clear, transforming your experience.

The emergence of NoSQL and IoT has brought on a rush of Big Data. It’s unstructured. It’s different data models and it’s coming from everywhere. Big Data can feel a lot like Magic Eye. You don’t know what you’re looking at and you’re going crossed-eyed trying to decipher the meaning. But the right tools can transform your experience and bring your data into focus.

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Data in VR

Want FairCom Cardboard?

Join us at one of FairCom’s upcoming conferences and get a chance to get your own FairCom Cardboard to see virtual data in action. You can find FairCom at:

  • Gartner IE/MDM Conference — March 15-18 in Dallas, TX
  • FinDEVr Conference — March 29-30 in New York, NY
  • Enterprise Data World — April 15-20 in San Diego, CA

You can also Download our VR app on Google play to see how FairCom c-treeACE can handle your data.

The Magic of c-treeACE

“The kicker is that the capabilities are multimodel rather than just relational. From the developer’s perspective, what you see is flexibility."

—Robin Bloor, The Bloor Group

3 Ways FairCom is Focusing on Data

1. Transforming NoSQL with ACID

Right now FairCom is one of a few NoSQL-oriented databases that allow ACID-compliant transactions with unstructured data. This is a critical feature for many mission-critical applications that need high-throughput transactions and full ACID security. While ACID will continue to be crucial for mission-critical systems, databases are starting to do more to allow flexibility in their handling of ACID properties. NoSQL has already shown us the advantages of a relaxed C mode—most NoSQL systems are eventually consistent. Yet, many are starting to offer tunable consistency, where systems can make runtime decisions to adjust consistency based on the system’s current demands. At FairCom we’ve been innovating with durability and our database allows for a relaxed D mode, with our deferred durability feature.

2. Transforming NoSQL with SQL

NoSQL databases have allowed organizations to collect a wider variety and a larger amount of data at a higher rate. However, because SQL access to that NoSQL data is typically not an option, they have been less than ideal for analyzing that data for reporting and the business intelligence needed for the organization to function with more insight. FairCom is unique in the way we handle multi-schema data—NoSQL and SQL APIs running on the exact same datasets. This allows analytical applications to access unstructured, NoSQL data through relational interfaces.

3. Transforming Multiple Data Models

Multimodel databases combine two or more data models in a single database management system, allowing an organization to expand the data types an application can handle. FairCom combines SQL and NoSQL KVS, giving developers the ability to decide the best model to persist the data, all within the same engine for friendly management and ease of use.

Download the FairCom One-Pager

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