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Available 11-11-15

Introducing c‑treeACE V11

FairCom proudly announces the latest release of c‑treeACE, the industry-leading NoSQL + SQL database. With over 300 enhancements to our c‑treeACE V10.0 product, we are highlighting our top 11 reasons to make c‑treeACE V11 your next smart decision. Examine 11 of the many ways the original multimodel database has matured into the most powerful NoSQL and SQL solution for your enterprise data.

"Thomson Reuters has been using the c-treeACE database engine for a number of years now. The new features of this latest release will combine greater performance with improved integration. Together with the skilled support provided by FairCom, it presents us with a powerful proposition."

Tatiana London, Director of Software Development, TDN Time Series — Thomson Reuters


Performance Reaches New Heights

Performance enhancements throughout the product provide an opportunity for a 20% gain over c‑treeACE V10, and close to 40% over V9. A new Delayed Durability mode for our full ACID-compliant transaction processing achieves up to a 300% gain by allowing a slight delay for log updates (sync’s) after the commit. Log entries are guaranteed to be saved before associated updates are written to disk.


No+SQL™ Is Multimodel Done Right

For over 15 years, FairCom has blended SQL and NoSQL into an integrated database. A comprehensive set of APIs, both SQL and NoSQL, provide full read/write access to your data, making c‑treeACE the original multimodel database. Integrating SQL and NoSQL into a single solution, c‑treeACE delivers new capabilities that are not possible with any other database. With V11, we are expanding our full read/write SQL capabilities over your NoSQL data:

  • Multi-Schema Table support allows a single table with multiple record types to appear to SQL as multiple virtual tables, each with its own schema. This flexible combination of non-relational data with SQL APIs is very powerful for blending the performance and control of NoSQL with the standards and ease of integration afforded by SQL.
  • Our exclusive low-level FILESET feature supports efficiently hosting hundreds of physical files for querying, an alternative to the overhead of a SQL View.
  • SQL Arrays unlock sub-records in scenarios where records may contain multi-schema data blocks. An exclusive c-tree algorithm creates a virtual table for each sub-record type, allowing a SQL query to access this traditionally NoSQL data. Designed for customer proprietary data formats. Discuss “your” format
    with our team.
  • Many other SQL improvements include SQL User Groups, Table Locks, Table Valued Functions, Recursive Queries, Scrollable ODBC Cursors, ALTER VIEW/INDEX/TABLE, SQL-Only Indexes, and the SQL Optimizer.


Data Integrity: Your Data Is in Trusted Hands

The database world is built on data integrity. Transaction control, often thought of as part of the relational SQL model, does not have to be only at the SQL level. c‑treeACE has shown that full ACID-compliant transaction control can be built-in at the lowest level, making it available to SQL and NoSQL APIs simultaneously. With decades of experience in ACID transactions over alternative data models, V11 adds to an impressive list of integrity-related features: Time Limited Data Flushing; Index Cache Pages; expanded File Verification facilities; Incremental Roll Forward / Automatic Recovery with Restore Points; improved Directory Metadata Flushing; and much more. Put your data in trusted hands.


In-Memory Speed + Persistence

With the costs of memory dropping, many demanding applications are turning to pure In-Memory Files to drive performance. FairCom’s c‑treeACE leverages our considerable experience with In-Memory Files, which are available as long as the file is open and the controlling c-tree Server instance is active. The exceptional throughput is measured in hundreds of thousands of records per second.

In addition to In-Memory Files, c‑treeACE offers unique granular cache controls: you can specify which files to cache; how much of each file to cache; which files to cache on startup; and more. With these controls, you can tune for in-memory read performance, while retaining the benefits of disk-based data persistence.


Conditional Expressions for Partitioned Files

A partitioned file logically appears to be one data file (and its associated index files). It is actually a set of files whose contents are physically partitioned by the value of a partition key that can be based on a rule or expression. With growing data volumes, this feature is becoming one of the most interesting scaling choices for database performance. By dynamically splitting data over multiple physical entities, it is much easier to quickly purge or archive volumes of data. By combining our powerful built-in expression parser, we’ve extended conditional expressions to the creation of partitioned files. Now it’s easy to create partitioned files at will by defining your partition rule as a conditional expression when creating the file. An extended set of predefined functions allow extremely flexible rules. For example, partition by day of week, day of month, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Partitioned Files are now a dynamic ready to use feature for any deployment.


Full-Text Search

We are pleased to introduce Full-Text Search technology into our database engine. V11 initially offers searching at the file/record level on character/string data types. We intend on expanding this support to global database and/or session levels.


Deferred Indexes Record Write Intercept

We strive to provide intimate data control to the application programmer. We expect developers will find our new Index & Record Maintenance features a hit.

To maximize performance, V11 provides Deferred Index Maintenance. You can defer the overhead of maintaining indexes as you modify records. Deferring index overhead when multiple indexes are present can yield solid performance gains. Trim the updating of every associated key with each Add, Delete, and Update.

Record Maintenance Callback Functions give you the power to call user-defined actions when a record is modified.


Replication for the Biggest Projects

c‑treeAMS Replication Agent 2.0 introduces a new, multi-threaded design. Previously each connection needed 1 or 2 agents. Now a single agent can service multiple c‑treeACE connections, reducing overhead and simplifying deployment and administration.

c‑treeACE Replication Management Studio gives you a visual reflection over your entire replication solution, easily organizing complex topologies. Define “Publications” and “Subscriptions” for your data. Point and click to make your server connections. Better management for your replication environment.


Even more Java Options

V11 pays special attention to Java programmer needs:

  • JPA: Java Persistence Layer
  • JEE: Enterprise Java Bean support
  • NoSQL Java: Fast Java access to c‑tree files
  • JDBC: Type IV JDBC driver for industry-standard application access


Expanded Stored Procedures & Triggers

Considerable focus has been invested in our implementation of stored procedures and triggers.

Our new .NET support adds an additional environment for developing stored procedures in C# or Visual Basic. Visual Studio templates enable easy development and deployment.

Our new NetBeans Plug-in simplifies stored procedure development in this easy-to-use Java IDE. The JDK is now needed only on the server used for developing and compiling.

New tools streamline deployment to multiple servers.


Web Tools and Much More

As a result of our investment in Web technologies (PHP, Javascript, JSON, REST…) we are pleased to offer the following:

  • A new browser-based version of c‑treeACE SQL Explorer, our graphical administration tool. This cross-platform explorer can be used anywhere a web browser can access c‑tree servers.
  • Embedded Web Server: We have embedded a Web server into our core database engine and it is available for your custom use.
  • PHP, the predominant language for data-driven web applications, receives updates in V11.
  • Our tools utilizes a REST API with JSON data marshalling. Contact FairCom to learn how to put it to work for you.
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