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Available 11-8-17

Introducing c‑treeACE V11.5

FairCom proudly announces the latest update of the c‑treeACE database. These updates further improve the speed and reliability our customers have come to rely on for nearly 40 years.

"Thomson Reuters has been using the c-treeACE database engine for a number of years now. The new features of this latest release will combine greater performance with improved integration. Together with the skilled support provided by FairCom, it presents us with a powerful proposition."

Tatiana London, Director of Software Development, TDN Time Series — Thomson Reuters


Instant Performance Enhancements

The performance of c-treeACE V11.5 has been improved by optimizing areas throughout the product. Specific changes have been made that do not require any program changes including: performance enhancement with background flush threads, rebuild performance increased, scan existing index, speed improvement in forward roll of many transaction logs, improved update list synchronization object management, and faster query on Multi-Schema Tables.


Interface Technology Enhancements

FairCom introduces support for the PHP Data Objects extension to the scripting language that drives the Internet. FairCom is continually responding to customer requests for supporting new and innovative methods for accessing the c-treeACE database. In our most recent enhancement, we are pleased to announce support for PHP PDO. The PHP hypertext preprocessor is a widely used scripting language that is especially suited for creating database-driven websites. Originally, PHP used conventional SQL to access a database to retrieve data. Developers have long recognized one drawback: Many databases use variations on “standard” SQL, which can make it difficult to move to a different database.


Security Enhancements

FairCom continues to maintain a watchful eye on data security. For years we have offered multiple data security controls, from user authentication controls to advanced data encryption. V11.5 extends this commitment. c-treeACE applications can now secure data in transit between c-tree network clients and c-treeACE servers. Transport Layer Security (TLS, also commonly referred to as its predecessor SSL, Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol designed for secure network communications using public key cryptography for authentication of the communicating party. Symmetric cryptography is used to encrypt transmitted data over the wire.


Hot Alter Table

In keeping with the V11.5 theme of performance gains, FairCom’s Hot Alter Table feature can dramatically increase efficiency and minimize downtime when rolling out changes to your database. The time to update a table can be reduced from hours to minutes; minutes to seconds. Known in the industry by various names such as “Dynamic Alter Table,” “Real-Time Alter,” and “Online Alter,” FairCom’s Hot Alter Table allows easily managed “rolling upgrades” to your product deployed in the field. When your customers install new updates requiring schema changes, they do not experience a lengthy file migration process, previously requiring up to hours of downtime. Instead, our new Hot Alter Table feature updates records eventually upon read and write.


Full-Text Search

A tokenized index of a table’s text fields allows you to quickly find records containing specified words and phrases. Today’s applications process vast amounts of textual data. Full-Text Search (FTS) is a great mechanism for fast, efficient access to character-based data elements. c-tree applications with large volumes of text can now be complemented with high-performing text search capabilities.


Replication Extensions

V11.5 adds a new level of flexibility and customization to our replication technology. New User-Defined Extensions allow extended replication management via custom callback functions. You can use this feature to perform “on-the-fly” data manipulation, such as extract, transform & load (ETL), data aggregation, and conflict resolution.


Replication ReSync

The new Replication ReSync feature allows you to resynchronize a target “replica file” based on the current “source file” with minimal impact on runtime. This feature can be utilized to address situations when a target file becomes out-of-sync with the source.


Web Tools and Much More

Commencing with our popular c-treeACE SQL Explorer, FairCom is introducing a new evolution of our visual database tools using browser-based access. Now, enjoy all the convenience you already know and use every day from a fresh and familiar platform. You already use your browser for many of today’s advanced web-based applications; FairCom is building that same ease of use into our server management.

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