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High-performance and solid stability with mission-critical applications makes FairCom the preferred database technology for thousands of ISVs and enterprise organizations. Forty-three percent of the Fortune 100, including Federal Express, Microsoft, NASA, and Visa use FairCom today. FairCom technology is being used in solutions serving industries including financial, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing automation, accounting, legal, dental, education, construction, aerospace, trucking, gaming, space exploration, oil and gas, energy, Major League Baseball, fraud detection, public safety, and infrastructure management.

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Unsurpassed Performance

FairCom DB has been designed from the ground up to provide the fastest possible database operations. To achieve even greater performance, FairCom empowers advanced application developers by giving them the ability to precisely control their own database operations.

Data Integrity

FairCom DB gives you a highly tunable database engine designed for mission-critical transaction processing (OLTP) that guarantees ACID properties of your transactions.

Proven Reliability

It’s all about data integrity, from transaction processing and record locking to dynamic backups, automatic recovery, and database replication.

Absolute Flexibility

Application developers enjoy wide freedom to achieve their goals with FairCom’s flexible, scalable technology. Extensive platform support includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, and more with a wide array of application programming languages supported.

Multimodel Synergy

What makes the FairCom DB multimodel approach unique is the way our NoSQL and SQL engines complement each other, working together or separately as necessary for your development.

Professional Service

FairCom takes pride in the high quality of service offered by our industry-leading support team. FairCom stands behind their OEM partners and customers to provide an integrated support system focused throughout the application development process.

Minimal Administration

Deployment Advantages

FairCom DB architecture is different from off-the-shelf Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) like Microsoft SQL in a variety of ways. The most visible difference to end-users is that off-the-shelf databases must be purchased, installed and maintained separately from the application. Because these databases are designed to be general purpose they typically require a certain amount of tuning and ongoing maintenance to shape them to the specific applications they are deployed to support.

FairCom DB is a “minimal-administration database,” meaning that it is already tuned by your application vendor allowing your application unmatched performance and lowering the amount of training needed for your users. FairCom DB requires minimal hardware resources and minimal ongoing maintenance.


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