(archive211005)FairCom EDGE IoT Database

Built for IoT to integrate, collect, aggregate
& synchronize mission-critical data on the edge.

IoT Database

Database & development platform for edge computing, IoT & IIoT.
Fastest way to fast with the lowest cost.

The Edge Completes Your Cloud

Real-Time Decision Making

Capture data close to devices where latency and connectivity are not an issue. Use plug-ins to process data in real time to make decisions quickly. Use built-in integrations, such as MQTT, to send commands where they have the most impact.

Store and Forward

Leverage built-in IoT and IIoT integrations to automatically gather and store data in real time from many devices and automatically forward it to other devices, systems, databases and clouds.

Real-Time Replication

Use Parallel Data Replication to automatically and continuously replicate data to and from many IoT and IIoT database servers and centralized databases. A graphical user interface enables configurable replication across devices for high availability and scalability.

Extreme Speed SDK

Achieve extreme data processing speeds with FairCom’s unique NAV API. It is an easy, object-oriented, NoSQL API that gives the application complete control over every aspect of data processing, allowing you to meet your unique business needs.

Micro Footprint

Run our full-featured IoT database on small devices where storage, memory and compute are limited, FairCom EDGE runs quickly and reliably.

Secure Data

Encrypt all data securely at the edge. Encrypt all data at rest using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Transmit data safely using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. Use store and forward to transmit data only as necessary.


Download a full-featured version of FairCom EDGE and upgrade your IoT/IIoT environment.

The Leading Edge



Need an Industry 4.0 integration hub to send data everywhere it needs to be easily?

Simultaneously use NAV for the most performance critical work and use SQL for easy data queries

NAV enables your application to achieve maximum speed and efficiency on low-end CPUs

NAV ensures consistent, predictable, repeatable, high performance

NAV allows the IoT database footprint to shrink to micro sizes

NAV API Overview

FairCom’s NAV API gives your application an unprecedented level of control over every database action. NAV allows your favorite programming language to “remote control” the database. It can find any record (or a subset of records), move to next and previous records in index or data order, join to specific records in other tables, choose which records to lock, which records to include in a transaction, and which records to retrieve, insert, update, and delete. NAV allows you to save the position of records and immediately jump back to those positions to retrieve records without index lookup.

You can run SQL simultaneously with any NAV operation. This gives your application the best of both worlds. SQL solves easy problems with little code. NAV solves hard problems with little code by leveraging the full capabilities of mainstream programming languages, such as Java, C#, C++, Python, and Javascript. NAV extends these languages to control the database with a small amount of simple code. NAV provides unprecedented speed because your application uses the ideal algorithm to make the database do exactly what needs to be done and no more.


Use NAV to create an algorithm to process your data exactly the way you want with total control for extreme performance and efficiency. You can use any algorithm – including hundreds of existing graph algorithms. NAV also gives you automatic behaviors that make writing code easy and intuitive.


Use NAV to navigate from record to record and table to table using a wide variety of techniques, such as:

  • Using an index to look up a record.
  • Using a record position to jump directly to a record.
  • Moving to next or previous records in index or data order.
  • Embedding record positions in records and using them to quickly walk a hierarchy or process a graph of records without index lookups.
  • Using foreign keys to join records.
  • Filtering records server side for fast bulk retrieval, inserts, updates, and deletes.
  • Etc.


Use NAV to save and restore multiple record positions to instantly retrieve records or move a cursor to any record – without index lookups. With NAV, record positions can be immutable, making them safe to store inside records as “pointers” to other records. This makes graph traversal easy and fast.


Use NAV to control if and how a record gets locked automatically or manually. You can combine automatic and manual locks for ease of use and total control. For locking records manually, you can use read, write, blocking, non-blocking, and exclusive locks. For automatically locking records while your application navigates records, use session lock modes, such as no locks, read-only locks, read-write locks, blocking locks, non-blocking locks, etc. You can suspend and resume automatic locking at any time and easily release all or some locks created by your session. You have the ability to freely intermingle SQL and NAV because locks are compatible across both.


With NAV you have the ability to create all-or-nothing, isolated transactions that span multiple operations across many records, such as removing an amount from a debit record and adding it to a credit record. You can control when transactions begin, end, are nested, and whether specific records participate in a transaction. NAV allows you to create save points along the way and roll back to them as desired. NAV’s automatic transactions make ACID-compliant navigation easy, and NAV’s manual transactions provide total control to achieve extreme performance and any degree of consistency from eventually consistent to ACID compliance. You can also freely intermingle SQL and NAV because transactions are compatible across both.


& Secure

FairCom database technology is deployed in the toughest 24-hour x 365-day environments by brands you know and trust. Year after year, Fortune 100 brands and government organizations choose FairCom for mission-critical data management. Data is protected at rest and in transit using industry standard encryption. All are implemented at the edge device to maximize security.

Analytics &
BI Tools

Use your favorite analytics and BI tools over the actual real-time unstructured data on the edge with standard SQL queries and ODBC and JDBC interfaces. Automatic Data Aggregation tools make it even easier.

Database as a Microservice

Use the full power of your data on the edge. FairCom EDGE gives you both SQL and NoSQL microservices to collect, query and analyse data in real time for mission-critical IoT systems.


Connect to applications and services in-cloud and on-premise. All technologies are cloud neutral and can run on all major services. Run on all major OSs and CPU architectures, and compile in all major compilers. Use industry standard data connections.

Flexibility & Scalability

Flexibility solves IoT scalability challenges. Portability, data partitioning, data coalescing, and replication are powerful tools to manage your IoT data ecosystem to work the way you need. Sort, segment, filter, duplicate, and route your data in the unique way your business requires.

High Speed
Record I/O

Collect massive amounts of data on an edge device extremely fast. FairCom EDGE is fast out of the box and blazing fast with easy customization.


ThingWorx Integration
  • Visually map data in FairCom EDGE to ThingWorx objects and properties
  • Automatically create ThingWorx models of data in FairCom EDGE
  • Automatically update ThingWorx when new data is inserted into FairCom EDGE in real time or on a schedule
  • Use the new ThingWorx secure and efficient AlwaysOn protocol
Massively Parallel Data Replication
  • Automatically replicate data from any number of database servers into centralized databases and vice versa
  • Automatically detect data conflicts and easily reconcile them
  • Use a drag-and-drop user interface to configure and manage replication
  • Filter which data is replicated to each server
  • Modify replicated data in real time
Automatic Data Aggregation
  • Automatically aggregate numeric data
  • Define the aggregation period, such as hourly
  • Define the data retention period, such as monthly
  • Automatically add a timestamp to data as it is collected
  • Plug-in modules
  • Real-world working modifiable example
OPC UA Client
  • OPC UA client
  • SDK for custom integration with your own OPC solutions
  • ANSI SQL with ODBC and JDBC
  • Integrate with all BI and analytic tools
  • Integrate with all major software development languages
Browser-based Database Administration
  • ISAM Explorer
  • SQL Explorer
  • Database Monitor
  • A complete and mature software development kit (SDK) designed specifically to make it easy for programmers to build edge computing and IIoT applications

Works with


Runs natively on ARM or x86 processors and major IoT operating systems. Leverages both high-end gateways and low-power devices. Ports to more than 100 platforms. Runs on all major operating systems and CPU architectures, and is compiled by all major compilers. Additional platforms available on request.


Built-in industry standard interface tools make IoT communications fast and easy across multiple IoT device types and architectures.


Connectors are available for these popular IoT platforms to make building IoT applications efficient and timely.


Download a full-featured version of FairCom EDGE and upgrade your IoT/IIoT environment.