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Built for IoT to store and manage mission-critical data on the edge.

Works with


Run natively on ARM or x86 processors and on major IoT operating systems. Leverage both high-end gateways and low power devices.

  • Raspbian - ARM
  • Windows IoT - ARM, x86
  • Android - ARM
  • Linux - x86
  • Windows 10 - x86

Communication Interfaces

Built-in industry standard interface tools make IoT communications fast and easy across multiple IoT device types and architectures.

  • MQTT
  • Rest.API
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • Java
  • And Many More...

IOT Platforms

Connectors are available for these popular IoT Platforms to make building IoT applications efficient and timely.

  • ThingWorx
  • Node-Red


  • Micro Footprint

    Our full featured edge database fits into a tiny 37MB.

  • Real-time replication

    It's more than a copy of your data. It's your data anyway you need it anywhere you want it reliably updating effortlessly as connections and bandwidth allow.

  • Unstructured data

    This is the essence of IoT. Multiple sensor types sending critical data. Swap sensors on the fly without touching the database.

  • Guaranteed data quality

    Utilizing ACID transactions data quality is guaranteed. This high fidelity data is recoverable and audit-able in the event of system failure.


  • Secure

    Data is protected at rest and in transit using encryption, TLS/SSL, and the exclusive FairCom handshake. All are implemented at the edge device to maximise security.

  • Reliable

    FairCom database technology is deployed in the toughest 24 hours x 365 days environments by brands you know and trust. Year after year, these Fortune 100 brands choose FairCom for mission-critical data management.

  • Analytics

    Use your favorite analytics tool over the actual real-time unstructured data on the edge using standard SQL queries and 8 interfaces like ODBC, JDBC, Python, PHP, and .NET.

  • Database as a microservice

    Use the full power of your data on the Edge. c-treeEDGE gives you both SQL and NoSQL microservices to collect, query and analyse data in real-time for mission-critical IoT systems.

  • Integration

    Connect to applications and services in-cloud and on-premise. All technologies are cloud neutral and can run on all major services.

  • Flexibility/Scalability

    Flexibility solves IoT scalability challenges. Portability, data partitioning, data coalescing, and replication are powerful tools to manage your IoT data ecosystem to work the way you need. Sort, Segment, filter, duplicate, and route your data in the unique way your business requires.

  • High Speed Record I/O

    Collect massive amounts of data on an edge device extremely fast. c-treeEDGE is very fast out of the box and blazing fast with some easy customization.

When the edge beats the cloud

  • Low Latency

    Keep the data close to the device to virtually eliminate latency and connectivity issues.

  • Real time decision making/data access

    Make decisions with actionable data when it matters.

  • Security

    Transmit only the data needed and store all data securely at the edge.

  • Flexibility/Scalability

    Take full advantage of the diversity of IoT platforms and devices (SBC, NUC).

  • Persistence

    Audit, recover and manage data in new ways while lowering TCO of your IoT system.

  • Availability

    Storing local data on the device guarantees 100% availability.

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