c-treeAMS: Replication

Business challenges, such as high-volume data, dynamic marketing campaigns, and strong competition, have placed demands on IT infrastructure to provide data at an increasingly fast pace. Data must be available anywhere—in real time—to provide information to stay competitive and keep ahead of the market.

To achieve this level of availability, we introduced the c‑treeAMS Replication Agent. This real-time database synchronization solution gives you the peace of mind of maintaining and synchronizing a physically and logically separate copy of a database. Highly configurable, you decide which data is replicated and where.


Always On. Always Running.

Failover and High Availability

Businesses looking to increase the availability of their systems will find the Replication Agent is the perfect solution. The c‑treeAMS Replication Agent allows a separate, independent server to be constantly updated with all the data changes of a master server. You can develop logic in your application so that, in case of an unexpected interruption of the main server, it will simply switch to the replicated server—preserving not only the original data, but the current transaction state as well. When the system comes back online, the last replication location is identified and the files are brought back in sync. Due to the low bandwidth consumed, the servers can be geographically remote and yet have the updated data immediately available in near real-time.

Work Away From the Production Server

Reports and Data Warehouses

The Replication Agent makes a copy of your production databases readily available for data warehousing and reporting, thereby removing this overhead from the production servers. Because data can be replicated to different servers—even different platforms—the c‑treeAMS Replication Agent allows you to allocate hardware resources as needed.

Non-stop Production


Customers may use the c‑treeAMS Replication Agent to create parallel environments for maintenance purposes, such as backups or migration projects. Quiescing the replicated database for backup allows a non-stop production system to be constantly backed up with no impact on the live transactions. After the backup, operations on the target server can be resumed and the Replication Agent brings that database up-to-date.


The c‑treeACE Replication Agent is a specialized copy of the c‑treeACE Server. As such, the product is a single binary, with a few shared libraries and a few configuration files. Therefore it is a very lightweight and resource friendly process that can be easily configured for 24×7 lights-out operation.

The Replication Agent can be installed on the same machine as the production database engine, on the backup copy of the database engine, or even on a third machine. Best practice is generally to run the agent on the same machine as the backup database engine for optimal throughput.


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