BTRV Edition Architecture

Evolving Technology

Stand-Alone or Client-Server Solution

c‑treeRTG BTRV Edition is an alternative to your application’s existing file handler. It replaces the file system in a simple upgrade process. And you get a full multi-threaded database server to manage your data! Traditional Btrieve applications usually access data files directly, which leads to data corruption, instability, and scalability problems. c‑treeRTG BTRV Edition solves this and brings you a platform that is continuously evolving with cutting-edge technologies, such as in-memory files, real-time replication, and advanced cache management.

Data File Conversion Process

Converting your files to c‑treeRTG BTRV is simple. Before your application is ready to use c‑treeRTG BTRV Edition, the data must be converted to a format that can be used by c‑treeRTG. This is done by converting data from your BTRV into c‑treeRTG. This is a one-time process and FairCom provides all tools to make it very straightforward. Or you can use the tools you are familiar with, such as BUTIL. Either way, you can have your application ready-to-go in a few steps.

btrv migration path

Compare c-treeRTG Solution to a Full c-treeACE Solution

FairCom provides two solutions for upgrading Btrieve applications: c‑treeRTG BTRV Edition and c‑treeACE. The best product for your application depends on your required functionality, data types, and deployment time.

At the heart of the FairCom technology is the c‑treeACE Advanced Core Engine, a powerful database server. This engine can be accessed from the c‑treeRTG BTRV Edition API or by any of the c‑treeACE APIs. The underlying database, the c‑treeACE Server, is the same for both solutions. The only difference is the API your application will use to access it—it’s your choice. Whichever you choose, you have the same powerful c‑treeACE database engine working for you.

c‑treeRTG BTRV Edition intercepts Btrieve calls and translates them into c‑treeACE functions without changing your application. With a very short implementation time, you can upgrade your Btrieve application to use a database from a trusted vendor. c‑treeACE is the developers’ choice for powerful applications.

Using APIs structurally similar to Btrieve, most developers find it easy to re-code their application database layer with c‑treeACE. The implementation time is slightly longer than c‑treeRTG. Many applications can be converted in a matter of weeks. One customer reported doing it over a weekend.



• Zero investment from a development point of view

• Immediately available solution is Ready-To-Go

• Performance advantages due to server-side calls

• c‑treeRTG ecosystem for configuration and debugging

• Multiple levels of interfaces for maximum granularity

• Full set of APIs

Please Note!

• Does not currently support all Index types and Extended Functions. (Contact FairCom about our road map)

• Requires a knowledge of the c‑treeACE API

SQL Access

Not currently supported. Please contact FairCom to discuss the roadmap for SQL solutions.

SQL access including relational APIs, such as ADO.NET, ODBC, JDBC, PHP, etc.

File Types

Standard Files only.

Standard Files, Data-Only Files, Key-Only Files.

ACS (alternate collating sequence)

Only one ACS per file.

Allows alternate collating sequences (for example, to sort in a language using a non-ASCII character set).

BLOBs (binary large objects)

The current version of c‑treeRTG BTRV Edition does not support “chunking” of BLOBs.

c‑treeACE provides full support for all common data types, including BLOBs.

Data Types in Indexes

Limited data types for EXTTYPE_KEY keys. See Data Types for EXTTYPE_KEY (available from FairCom).

Full support.

File Flags

Supports the most common file flags. See File Flags (available from FairCom).

Full support.