c-treeACE Professional

Ideal for the experienced c‑tree developer, c‑treeACE Professional provides a wide range of development options to meet the needs of advanced applications.

Server SDK for Customizing the Database Libraries

Single-Tier Operational Models Available

Full Client-Side and Partial Server Source Code

Why c‑treeACE Professional

Choose c‑treeACE Professional when your application demands the advanced development features found only in the c‑treeACE Server SDK, or the simplicity of basic standalone database technology embedded in your application, or anytime you require precision control that only having the source code in hand can provide.

Also, make sure to check out our Deployment page and start considering the best c‑treeACE edition to fit your application. FairCom offers three editions of the c‑treeACE Server—Essential, Evolve, and Enterprise. FairCom empowers you to select the edition of the database engine that best aligns with the business and technical requirements of your application and your target market.

SDK Features

Full SQL and NoSQL Engine
Full Transaction Support
Online Backups
Client-Server Model
Standalone Models
Server SDK
Server Plug-In Model (.DLL, .SO)
SDK Source Code
Configurable Library Footprint

c‑treeACE Professional includes the latest advanced c‑tree engineering technology:

Server SDK

The c‑treeACE Server SDK allows you to take control of the c‑tree Server. Consider the Server SDK for binding the server technology directly to your application as a bound model.

Server-Side Plugins

c‑treeACE Server-Side Plugins give you the capability to add additional functionality to the server via dynamically loadable modules. Consider Plugins when you require a custom function not readily available with the standard API calls.

Standalone Technology

c‑treeACE Professional provides standalone database technology for use in unique low-level advanced applications where SQL is not a requirement.

Source Code Control

Complete client-side, standalone, and many server-side modules are provided in full source code allowing integrated debugging and advanced engineering control of your application.

mtree Build Tools

Enhanced graphical utilities are provided to configure and build the standalone libraries and custom servers with c‑treeACE.

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