Technical White Papers

FairCom White Papers

This page contains links to white papers on a variety of subjects of interest to developers and administrators using FairCom products.

Technical Bulletins

Linux File System Performance and Safety Advisory


Important Dynamic Dump Fix - New!






Best Practices

End User Deployment Recommendations


Caching and Data Integrity Recommendations



c‑treeACE Connection Strings - New!


c‑treeACE Data Compression


c‑treeDB Virtual Tables


Memory Files


Stored Procedure Debugging in Java


VSS Integration


c‑treeACE Capacity Planning



Performance Optimization — Page Size Tuning - New!


Replication Agent Loss of Connection


c-treeACE Clustering with Microsoft Windows 2003



Pending File ID Overflow


FairCom's CPU Accounting — Definitions and Procedures


Server Advantages


FairCom Knowledgebase