Near Real-Time

Bi-directional Replication

FairCom’s c‑treeAMS Replication Agent offers near real-time replication support for expanding the high availability of your c‑treeACE database environment. Supported models include:

  • A single Master/Slave model, perfect for failover, backups, reporting, and BI.
  • An Active-Active model for performance, load balancing, and redundancy.
  • A single Master with multiple Slaves for local read performance and a centralized write repository.
  • A chain model for replicating from A-to-B-to-C.

Bi-directional replication requires management of data conflict situations, which c‑treeACE AMS does by providing access to User Exits (UE) that allow the application to establish business rules to decide what action to take in case of a conflict.

Five 9s Uptime

Reliable Unattended Operations

c‑treeACE has been designed from the ground up to be used in mission-critical environments, whether it’s a data center striving for 99.999% uptime, or an embedded environment like an automated chip manufacturing plant. This has been achieved by starting with a rock-solid core engine and then making it easy to configure.

FairCom customers report their typical database engine uptime in years. In one case-study, a customer reported they stopped c‑treeACE after 11 years of continuous 24×7 operation because they needed to perform a mandatory hardware refresh.


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