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FairCom announces c‑treeACE™ Express database engine offering simplified development backed by precision control


Tamra Brown, Grant Robbennolt

Grant Robbennolt, Tamra Brown, FairCom Corporation (573) 445-6833

Santa Clara, CA SD West — March 3, 2008 — FairCom Corporation will debut the release of the c‑treeACE Express database engine, a new product designed to increase the productivity of development teams by offering a shorter learning curve, free development rights, and free deployment in non-commercial environments. Based on FairCom’s proven c‑tree database engine, c‑treeACE (Advanced Core Engine) Express offers a focused solution that allows developers to be up and running in a matter of minutes.

“With c‑treeACE Express, FairCom makes its c‑tree engine available to the current generation of programmers who demand the shorter learning curve and high productivity afforded by today's programming frameworks,” explained Grant Robbennolt, FairCom’s Director of Marketing. “Developers told us they needed a streamlined solution that was easy to get started with and easy to deploy, without losing the performance and control that are the hallmarks of c‑tree technology. We really focused on removing barriers with c‑treeACE Express.”

FairCom’s c‑tree database technology has been in commercial use for almost 30 years. The performance offered by its rich record-oriented ISAM and relational SQL interfaces have made it an ideal solution for banking, manufacturing, and other performance-sensitive OLTP environments. “The challenge has always been getting started,” Robbennolt continued. “With our new graphical tools and support for the latest programming paradigms such as ADO.NET, LINQ, C#, dbExpress, and PHP, those hurdles are gone. Couple this with simple deployment – literally a single executable with a handful of DLLs and no registry requirements – and you’ve got a great solution for ISV’s looking for a fast release cycle.”

c‑treeACE Express will be available from FairCom’s Web site and offers free, perpetual development rights. The c‑treeACE SQL Server, the database server component of c‑treeACE Express, can be used at no charge for personal and educational purposes by simply contacting FairCom to obtain a non-development edition. For commercial applications, the c‑treeACE SQL Server is aggressively priced to meet the needs of ISV’s and others requiring a high performance database engine.


A Windows version of the c‑treeACE Express database engine is available for immediate download from FairCom’s Web site with new editions supporting Linux, Mac OS X, HP-UX, Solaris, and AIX available in coming weeks.

About FairCom

FairCom Corporation has provided fast, portable and reliable database development tools for commercial environments since 1979. This technology provides the developer with the power and flexibility to quickly and reliably deal with all aspects of storing, retrieving, and updating mission critical data. FairCom technology is embedded in the software from such noted companies as Adobe, Computer Associates, NASA, and Visa. For further information regarding FairCom or the c‑treeACE database engine, contact FairCom U.S. at 800-234-8180, FairCom Europe at 39-035-721-321, FairCom Japan at 81-059-229-7504 or FairCom Brazil at 55-11-3872-9802, or visit www.faircom.com.


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