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Since its inception in 1979, Software Technology, Inc. (STI) has been developing, marketing, selling and supporting computer software for the legal and accounting markets. STI develops Tabs3, one of the most widely used professional time and billing systems in the North America. Professionals in solo, small and medium sized firms have depended on Tabs3 for their timekeeping, billing and reporting needs. A complementary product to Tabs3 is STI's PracticeMaster practice management system. This powerful application has been highly acclaimed for its flexible customization and integration capabilities, and is considered one of the best practice management systems on the market today.

STI has used c-tree Plus for their data management needs for many years. Their applications use a blend of FairCom's peer-to-peer and client/server models. The flexibility of FairCom's technology allows STI to deliver the operational model that best suits the needs of individual customers.

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