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A brief history of the FairCom Corporation . . .

FairCom Corporation was founded in 1979 and introduced b+tree indexed data access methods to the microcomputer industry. Shortly thereafter, FairCom created Access Manager for Digital Research, Inc. In early 1984, FairCom released the c‑tree® File Handler. This industrial quality, b+tree-based file handling engine, written in C, set new standards within the application development industry for portability, performance, and dependability. The work for Digital Research, Inc., dating back to 1981, included components that satisfied the client/server model. The first portable FairCom database server was then released in 1987.

In 1987, FairCom complemented c‑tree with the r-tree® Report Generator, a sophisticated cross platform report writer. As the software development industry evolved, FairCom continued to provide quality tools to assist the professional programmer.

  • 1979 - Company Founded
  • 1984 - c‑tree File Handler
  • 1987 - The powerful c‑tree Server
  • 1987 - r-tree Report Generator
  • 1993 - FairCom Europe Opens
  • 1995 - FairCom Japan Opens
  • 1996 - FairCom Brazil Opens
  • 2001 - The c‑tree Server SDK
  • 2004 - Cross Platform c‑treeSQL
  • 2008 - c‑treeACE Express
  • 2008 - c‑treeACE V9.0 Professional
  • 2012 - c‑treeACE V10.0 Professional

The decade of the 90's brought new challenges to the software developer, as hardware and software issues became increasingly complex. FairCom addressed these issues by releasing the second generation c‑tree Server built on a multi-threaded kernel, which allows higher data concurrency while insuring a system can scale as needs evolve. Further, because client/server systems are open and modular, systems can be tailored to particular application requirements, leaving the choice for the most cost-effective hardware options open. This, coupled with c‑tree Plus' unparalleled portability and proven performance, offers serious developers solutions for even the most demanding system requirements.

FairCom's powerful database Server was expanded through a Server side development kit (Server SDK) in 2001 which offered a powerful development platform for any type of database development including web, ASP (application service provider), embedded applications, etc. Additionally, FairCom's product line was positioned to solve a large range of database development needs from small vertical market applications to very complex specialized systems. FairCom's portability, small memory and disk footprints, and ease of administration has led to utilization in many cross-industry applications including telecommunications, manufacturing automation, web development, school/library automation, accounting systems, law automation, space exploration, the travel industry, data repositories, etc.

In 2004, FairCom brought to market the powerful c‑treeSQL interface across its entire cross-platform lineup. Developers were able to harness the power of an industry standard interface over their existing c‑tree data, regardless of operating system. With a pure type 4 JDBC driver, complete ODBC support, and Stored Procedures, Triggers, and User Defined functions with the powerful Java programming language, c‑tree data access has been greatly enhanced and expanded. True dynamic queries over existing data with complex joins are as simple as an SQL statement. All of this power rests atop the existing c‑tree Server, with its expanse of features such as hot backups, conditional indexing support, huge files, and memory files. Also introduced was a .NET interface exposing c‑treeDB classes for exceptional Visual Studio integration and enhanced programmer productivity.

FairCom introduced the c‑treeACE product line in 2008. c‑treeACE Express is designed to give developers an environment for rapid development and deployment of c‑tree technology. It includes a variety of tools to simplify development tasks such as the manipulation of tables and creation of queries as well as tools to simplify server administration and monitoring upon deployment. c‑treeACE Professional includes support for more advanced operational models and includes source code.

c‑treeACE underwent major scalability and performance enhancements and V10 was formally released in November 2012. Java is an available interface for direct record access and a c‑treeACE SQL Python driver extends the broad API support c‑treeACE is known for. Multi-record formats via virtual tables bring SQL access to a broad range formerly unaccessible. Finally, a strong security focus strengthens applications and access to data.

FairCom's continued dedication to database technology is evident when comparing FairCom products to competitors in the marketplace. FairCom customers routinely report faster throughput, more flexibility and lower overall cost of ownership with FairCom solutions. Our dedication to database technology has given FairCom a presence in over 100 countries worldwide with corporate offices in the USA, Europe, Japan and Brazil. FairCom's team of experienced engineers and technicians are available to use their expertise to meet your most demanding database needs.

Thank you for your interest in FairCom technology and please let us know how we may be of service!

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