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Take Your Applications to a New Level

Ideal for the experienced c‑tree developer, c‑treeACE Professional (formerly the c‑tree Plus Professional Edition) provides a wide range of development options to meet the needs of advanced applications.

  • Sophisticated database solution for sophisticated applications
  • Server SDK for customizing the database libraries
  • Single tier operational models available
  • Full client-side and partial server source code

Learn more about performance, data integrity, backups, security, tools, and developer support.

Why c‑treeACE Professional

Choose c‑treeACE Professional when your application demands the advanced features found only in the c‑treeACE Server SDK, or the control of traditional standalone database technology embedded in your application, or anytime you require precision control that only having the source code in hand can provide.

c‑treeACE Professional includes the latest advanced c‑tree engineering technology:

  • Server SDK

The c‑treeACE Server SDK allows you to take control of the c‑tree Server. Consider the Server SDK for binding the server technology directly to your application as a bound model.

  • Server Side Plugins

c‑treeACE Server Side Plugins give you the capability to add additional functionality to the server via dynamically loadable modules. Consider Plugins when you require a custom function not readily available with the standard API calls.

  • Standalone Technology

c‑treeACE Professional provides standalone database technology for use in unique low level advanced applications.

  • Source Code Control

Complete client side, standalone, and many server side modules are provided in full source code allowing integrated debugging and advanced engineering control of your application.

  • mtree Build Tools

Enhanced graphical utilities are provided to configure and build the standalone libraries and custom servers with c‑treeACE.

A Proven Database Engine

  • Precision Control — The unique architecture of c‑treeACE gives developers the ability to use record-oriented ISAM APIs and relational SQL APIs within the same application.



  • Unmatched Performance — A highly developed caching subsystem, minimal overhead requirements, and a sophisticated indexing mechanism ensure optimal performance whether you're using a handheld device or an enterprise-class server. Our customers routinely compare the performance of c‑treeACE to that of traditional "enterprise" databases and find that c‑treeACE easily comes out on top.


  • Cross-Platform Support — Cross-platform support has always been a hallmark of c‑tree database technology. We commercially support over 30 platforms out of the box—including Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, and Mac OS X—and regularly port our technology to meet precise customer demands. If you've got a C compiler, we've got a solution.


  • Choice of Operational Models — Whether your application requirements demand a single-tier embedded database engine, a traditional 2-tier client/server model, or a multi-tier solution, c‑treeACE has an operational model to meet your needs.


  • Simple to Deploy — Simple installation, minimal disk and memory requirements, and truly invisible operations make c‑treeACE the ideal solution for ISVs and other developers looking to simplify their deployment.


  • Robust Feature Set — We give developers the tools they need for success, including industry-proven transaction processing support, 64-bit support, stored procedures, replication, encryption, memory files, Unicode support, and more!


c‑treeACE Express vs. Professional

451 Research

451 Research, the visionary analysts who coined the term “NewSQL,” has released a report about c-treeACE technology and its place in the changing database industry landscape. It is well worth subscribing to their service to gain their insight into industry news and see how you can benefit from the latest trends and technologies—such as c-treeACE V10. Here is one comment the author of the report, Matt Aslett had to say about c-treeACE:

“...gives developers a degree of control over data access not matched by more traditional databases.”

You can subscribe to 451 Research industry news and learn more about their company here: https://451research.com/

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