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Previous Editions

FairCom has re-branded many of its products over the years, including the following:

Previous Product Name

Current Product Name


c‑tree Plus

Available as c‑treeACE Professional Edition

FairCom Server

c‑tree Server

c‑treeSQL Server

Available as the c‑treeACE Server and c‑treeACE SQL Server

Be sure to review the Software Maintenance Program concerning product end-of-life policies.

“The c-treeSQL server is amazing! We benefit greatly from being able to access c-treeSQL tables through the c-treeDB C++ API and the ESQL code both in the same application. We just compile the ESQL code separately using your esqlc and gcc, and then declare it as 'extern "C"' in the main C++ app code. It links and runs nicely. Good job FairCom!

We've used FairCom c-tree server for over 20 years.”

Steve Rosenhamer
Manager of Software Development, ADFITECH, Inc.

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