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c‑treeACE Professional Operational Models

c‑treeACE Professional gives developers the ability to choose from a variety of operational models to best meet the needs of their application.

Client/Server Model

c‑treeACE (Traditional) Client/Server Model

Provides a traditional client-side communication library (usually TCP/IP or Shared Memory) for linking with your application to provide communication with a self standing c‑treeACE Server executable. This model includes a full relational engine (SQL, JDBC and ODBC), transaction processing support (also referred to as journaling), security, encryption, dynamic backups, and much more.


Server DLL Model

c‑treeACE Server DLL Model

Truly the best of both worlds: feature-packed server options with embedded deployment ease. This model offers a cost-effective, easily deployed solution to bring full client/server features to existing standalone applications. It combines the convenience of a fully embedded database engine with all of the power of a full-featured database server.


Standalone Model

c‑treeACE Standalone Database Model

Link your application with a standalone single-user or multi-user c‑treeACE engine.



c‑treeACE Local Library Model

Combines any combination of the previous models for a truly unsurpassed level of database control.


To delve deeper into the FairCom operational models, please contact a FairCom Sales Engineer at your nearest FairCom office: Contact Information

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