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Cross-Platform Support

The cross-platform nature of the c‑treeACE database engine makes it simple for ISV's and other customers to offer support for multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, AIX, and others. c‑treeACE makes it possible for developers to set aside concerns relating to differences between platforms. With its enormous scalability, developers can implement a solution that draws on the strengths of any combination of hardware and/or operating system.


c‑treeACE Supported Platforms

Intel X86 Based

Windows Vista/7/Windows 8

Windows CE/Mobile

Windows Server 2012


Mac OS X

Sun Solaris



FreeBSD (call)

NetBSD (call)

Intel Itanium 64 bit

Windows 2003, XP & Vista



AMD 64 bit



Mac OS X

FreeBSD (call)

Windows Server 2003, XP & Vista

RISC Based



Linux (Power)

Sun Solaris

Legacy Platforms (Call for details on these, or other platforms)

Novell (NLM)



Interactive Unix



Mac (Motorola based)

Mac OS 7-9


Call or email us regarding support for additional platforms.

“After more than ten years of partnership between TOTVS and FairCom, we can always count on them! We’ve worked on many projects together, among them the distributed data access for the internal dictionary, which is an important step in the Protheus scalability project. Today, there are over 4,000 simultaneous connections with proper performance–these would not be possible without this close partnership. The novelty is that, from now on, FairCom will also provide a solution to the main base of Protheus: in another beautiful joint development, our teams have implemented a solution that integrates the c‑treeACE SQL database natively with Protheus through TOTVS’ AdvPL interface, maximizing the advantages of both technologies. A result that TOTVS is proud to extend to all its customers!”

Wilson Godoy
Vice President, Software Management, TOTVS

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